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Organic Fish Hydrolysate Powder OMRI for sale in Immokalee, FL buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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OMRI Fish Hydrolysate Powder Total Nitrogen 10% Fish Hydrolysate is 200:1 mix ratio 83-85% water soluble. OMRI Fish Hydrolysate Powder NPK 10-0-1.3 Full Pallet 40 50 lb bags $182.80 each Two pallets $171.80 each Ocean fish enzymatically processed into a liquid concentrate has been spray dried into a powder, providing a cost effective source of nitrogen for vegetative growth, phosphorus for root development, and trace elements in an inexpensive shipping form. Suitable for all crops, the powder can be foliar applied or soil incorporated. In applying fish proteins a timeless source of plant energy is supported; the soil microbial community. When a fish fertilizer decomposes, it breaks down into the soil and releases enzymes that feed the microbes in the soil, making this the optimum environment for full plant growth. Our fish fertilizer contains all the necessary components to increase yield and enrich your soil. These soil microorganisms are the drivers of crop production; holding nutrients in their bodies and making them available in plant available forms. Fish hydrolysates can be used in all stages of growing. Even in a fertile soil the addition of fish hydrolysate contributes to healthy fungal and bacterial populations which increase microbial activity crop productivity. Most effective when applied at pre-bloom, again at early leaf development, again at fruit set, and during periods of plant stress. Combines well with sea kelp extracts and other organic fertilizers. Vegetables, Herbs, and Berries: 3 teaspoons to one gallon of water Row Crops: average foliar application rates 4-6 lb/acre; orchards, vineyards, etc., 4-5 lb in 20 gallons (minimum) of water. Drip Irrigation: Add one (1) pound to 200 gallons of water. Apply to crops once every week in irrigation water. Agitation is recommended to maintain un-dissolved solids in suspension. Call Craig 239-357-1853. Will ship. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist